Monega Primary School

      A Brighter Future



      The photograph shows the Monega School Uniform.  As well as giving a sense of belonging to the school, uniform is also important in helping to establish a good working atmosphere.  Our uniform is chosen to be practical and affordable and we are reliant on the support of parents in ensuring that all students are appropriately dressed for school. 

      Blazers and sweatshirts with the Monega logo are available from the school uniform supplier details below.  Items such as trousers, shirts and blouses can be purchased from any school uniform supplier such as Tesco or Asda.  The colour for jumpers and sweatshirts is Royal Blue.  Girls may also wear blue gingham dresses in the Summer.  Boys may wear smart grey or black shorts in the Summer.  Book bags can be purchased from the School Office for £2.



      Children should also have a PE kit, consisting of a white T-shirt, black shorts or leggings and a pair of plimsolls.

      As with any children’s clothing please make sure you label each item of clothing clearly using a waterproof pen such as a Sharpie.

      Please contact the School Office if you have any questions.


      Ian Howard School Wear
      409 Barking Road
      LONDON E6 2JT
      Tel: 020 8472 1729